Media Information

Photo Credit: Acoustic Studio

Please be advise that all media that submitted to us will be use and distributed throughout our networks as well as our partners (Earth Hour Global & WWF). Please make sure you have permission from any parties prior to submitting it to us. If you find you are in any of the picture/video or own any of the media, and wish us to remove it; please reach us via Contact Us page. For more information, please visit the Media Release and Indemnity Clause page.

  1. How to submit pictures?

    Specification: 300dpi, JPEG file about 3-5MB size
    Time submission: Before 10:00pm 30th March 2019 (GMT8+)
    Naming Convention: [Country_City_Photo caption_Credit]

  2. How to submit videos?

    Specification: HD quality in 1080p, video in .mov file (converted with “ProRes 422″ codec)
    Time submission: Before 10:00pm 30th March 2019 (GMT8+)
    Naming Convention: [Country_City_Video caption_Credit]

  3. Can I submit via FTP?

    We no longer provide this option.

  4. How to Get The T-Shirt and Merchandise?

    As of now, we no longer provide and sale any merchandise.

  5. Where can I download all the posters and logo?

    You can download all materials from

  6. Where can I get high resolution pictures for publishing purposes?

    Please contact our Press & Media team by visiting our Contact Us page: