24 March 2018
8:30 – 9:30PM

uniting people to
protect the planet

reconnecting with
our beautiful planet


Any action that you do will have impact on our biodiversity.
Get connected. And use your power to change climate change.

This Earth Hour, join us in reconnecting back to our beautiful planet!

Join The Conversation!

This Earth Hour, #Connect2Earth

Earth Hour 2018 is coming up fast (Saturday 24 March, 8.30pm). And this year, it’s going to be all about helping us make stronger links with our lovely planet: the shared home for people and nature!

Various initiatives and campaign has been introduced by NGOs, private sectors, and our Government. We’re here to highlight these initiatives and show you how easy it is to connect you back to Earth!

The button below will lead you to Earth Hour 2018 event, and will be available once the landmarks are announce.