codename: “Journey”

Back in 2012, our team started collecting stories that are being shared by the communities. From school kids, to corporations, to villages, and Government bodies. In 2013, we started designing a framework evolving around "stories". Started from first ideas, implementation, and to success stories. Late 2014, we started to open it up to select supporters, under project codename: Journey

Journey itself is actually an idea that was brought by our own member to reflect how Earth Hour Brunei was started. She wanted to share Earth Hour Brunei's stories of a humbling start, which became a ripple effect "to do more" for the world we live in.

Stories that matters to you... that inspire us, bringing us together, and instill hope. Stories of actions that goes beyond the 60 minutes. The whole idea of "inter-connected global community".

next phase: “ark”

We realise it is about time for Journey to be released to the public. But we want it to be more than a stories. We want to make "inter-connected global community" for a Brunei Version.

We keep note on numerous feedback and comment from teachers and individual that wanted to do more, but doesn't know how or where to start. A place not just to share stories, but to share ideas, methodology, and project implementation. Late 2016, a suitable system was selected, prototyping was started, and ark was born.

ark was created by Earth Hour Brunei's supporters like you. It evolve around questions that we keep on asking ourselves:

  • How can we connect these organisations, individuals, and communities together?
  • How can we showcase their stories, so that it can inspire others?
  • How can it get shared, get replicated, amplified, and connected to one another?



Brunei Darussalam officially joined the Earth Hour Global campaign initiated by WWF in 2010 by a group private individuals from diverse profession and walks of life. The Earth Hour in Brunei was made possible by its inaugural lights off by the support of Energy Department Prime Minister Office (now known as Energy and Industry Department, Prime Minister's Office) and Brunei Tourism (now known as Brunei Tourism Department, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism)

It was started at Kampong Ayer Cultural & Tourism Gallery, as a reflection of Kampong Ayer, where Brunei was started.

This inaugural event was brought by various youth, NGOs, individuals, and Government bodies... making a statement how one person can make a difference for the world we live in and taking a stand against climate change, together.


  • To create awareness, sharing of ideas and best practices and to nurture.
  • To (showcase) initiatives, collaborations, partnerships in projects by private individuals, groups, community, society, non-profit or profit organizations, public or private organizations, and learning institutions.
  • Simply to contribute to one cause using collective power to #ChangeClimateChange



Format Template

  1. Name of inititaive/collaboration/partnership of project.
  2. Describe the initiative.
  3. What inspired you to take up on this?
  4. When did you start this?
  5. How far are you at it?
  6. How long did it take you to achieve your goal?
  7. Photographs or videos (links).
  8. Contact Details.


Categories can be expanded and added as we go along with the journey. Below are some to get started:

  1. Tree Planting
  2. Clean up Beach
  3. No Plastic
  4. Saving Energy
  5. Recycle/Reuse
  6. Conservation
  7. Cycling


For better manageability you need atleast 1 person for administration, 1 person for support, and multiple user as members.


ark is based on e-portfolio system which focus on collaboration. All account will be given access to:

  1. File management
  2. Sharing management
  3. Journal
  4. Page and Collection
  5. Group
  6. Forum

Be part of this project

We would like to invite all of our supporters, partners, sponsors and friends to participate in populating ark with your own stories and ideas.