Earth Hour Song: Experience


Verse 1

You’ve Made An Impact On My Life
Like The Prints I Made On The Sands As I Walk And Strife
You Showed Love,The Guilt And So Much More
Abundant As The Ocean Bearing Lives And Gifts To The Shore


You Give Me The Strength For My Desires
You Give Me The Reason To Inspire

Verse 2

You Give Me The Power To Recognize
Exfoliating My Weaknesses As You Guide Me To Be Wise
Your Saltiness Became The Seasoning For My Soul
Savouring It Slowly Until The Day When It Is Beyond My Control


You Form Relationships And You Solve Disputes
You Break Us Up And You Give Solitude
Being With You Is The Desirable State Of Mind

I Trust In You To Make Me Feel Better
Because Of You I Am A Lot Stronger
Without You I Feel Insecure And Unable

I Trust In You…
I Trust In You…

Composed, Written And Vocals : Fakhrul Razi
Guitar: Ali Wally
Flute : Ehsan