Partners and Sponsor

In order to facilitate a campaign this big, we need a strong partners, globally and at the local level. Earth Hour Brunei is grateful to the following partners and sponsors who actively support Earth Hour and its activities. In addition, we are thankful for the continuous support provided by our supporters, event partners, event sponsors, friends, and authorities for Earth Hour event.

Global Partners

Most of our partners comes from Earth Hour Global's official partners which spend significant amount of time assisting us, and in turn support activities we would not be able to pursue in a country level. Their support is critical to Earth Hour Brunei operation and programs each year.



As Earth Hour’s Official Communication Partner, Cotap helps us to communicate between our team as well as reporting back to Earth Hour Global team in Singapore. It also assist us to communicate with the rest of county team and thousands of volunteers around the world across more than 120 countries. More Info

Brunei Partners & Sponsor
Earth Hour in Brunei builds alliances with organizations that reinforce our capacity to empower the success of Earth Hour, demonstrate the power of collaborations. Local partners and sponsor play a critical role by investing in a single Earth Hour event or initiative that Earth Hour develops throughout the year for communities, schools, and the public. Frequently, these activities would not be possible without the support of the presenting partners and sponsor.



Podio is one of the Official Sponsor for Earth Hour in Brunei. It provide us the tool to collaborate among our team, partners, and supporters. Endless status meetings and reporting often slows a project down. To keep our team moving – Podio organizes all of our project’s deadlines, files and conversations into one transparent place. We get the overview of what we need, without the hassle, while our team stays aligned and focused. More Info



WPML  is another Official Sponsor for Earth Hour in Brunei. WPML adds language information capabilities to our website. When we’re translating with WPML, we’re actually creating new content and not adding translations to existing content. This help us to reach out to a greater audience and doesn't limit us from language barrier. We launched this capabilities back in 2012 during Brunei Darussalam's 28th National Day. More Info



Another Official Sponsor for Earth Hour in Brunei is Animoto. Often when we were doing an exhibition, showcase, or talk; we only have a few seconds to attract the audience interest. Animoto is online video creation service that is so powerful and yet easy to use. It help us create impactful video curated from our pictures, and clips in just a few minutes. This video help us to engage to various community and spread the awareness about the environment. More Info



Kristal FM is the Official Radio Broadcaster for Earth Hour in Brunei. We promote Earth Hour and announce any information through Kristal FM. In support of Earth Hour and to spread the awareness, they participate in I Will If You Will challenge as well as switching off the radio station during the Earth Hour event for 1 hour! More Info

Magic Media Studio

Magic Media Studio is the Official Creative Partner for Earth Hour in Brunei. As a leading full-service Creative Agency based in Brunei Darussalam, they work closely with local brands and companies More Info

inBrunei is the Official Social Media Partner for Earth Hour in Brunei. They are a tourism platform which aims to create a unique brand for Brunei Darussalam to promote a wider range of exposure by bringing merchandise to a whole new level with a local modern twist, as well as providing TV content for an entertainment channel which not only covers but also allows a deeper insight exploration of the country in a vast area. More Info

Eko Brunei

Eko Brunei is the Community Outreach Partner for Earth Hour in Brunei. Eko Brunei consists of multiple group of community spanning across Brunei Darussalam. Started as a project under Eco Ponies, it has grown as a hub for local and tourist alike to get closer to nature. Discover the natural environment, rich cultural tradition of Brunei Darussalam, and be stunned by its natural beauty. More Info

If you wish to be part of Earth Hour partners, you may submit your information here.