Earth Hour Brunei

30 March 2019
8:30 – 9:30PM

uniting people to
protect the planet

reconnecting with
our beautiful planet

No Plastic Bag

Bring your own bag everyday and every where. Let's put a stop on plastic!

Plant Trees

Do a carbon offset by planting trees. Try growing some plants and learn about City in the Garden!

Ban Shark Finning

Brunei Darussalam officially banned the catching and landing of all shark species from the waters of Brunei Darussalam and their sales in the domestic market as well as a ban on the importation and trade of shark products.

Volunteer a Clean Up

Join NGOs and other organisation cleaning our beach and river. Go further by joining MPK cleaning up the area around your communities!

Energy Efficient

Change those bulbs and appliances to more energy efficient. Or change to renewable energy and reduce your electricity bill!

Eat Sustainably

Support local products and produce. Grow your own food, or buy from local communities, while supporting them and their family at the same time!

No Open Burning

Do you know that there is a penalty for open burning? Say no to open burning!

No Car Weekend

Join hundreds of citizen enjoying their Sunday at the city. No cars on Sunday morning means the whole family can run, stroll, cycle, having fun around the city, while enjoying the fresh air!

Any action that you do will have impact on our biodiversity.
Get connected. And use your power to change climate change.

This Earth Hour, join us in reconnecting back to our beautiful planet!

Join The Conversation!

This Earth Hour, #Connect2Earth

Earth Hour 2019 is coming up fast (Saturday 30 March, 8.30pm). And this year, it’s going to be all about helping us make stronger links with our lovely planet: the shared home for people and nature!

Various initiatives and campaign has been introduced by NGOs, private sectors, and our Government. We’re here to highlight these initiatives and show you how easy it is to connect you back to Earth!

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